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WELCOME to the Ski The East Dealer Site || 2022/23

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Ski The East is a grassroots apparel and accessories brand out of Vermont that was founded by two ski bums, Geoff and Rooster. We specialize in lifestyle gear that stokes out and unifies the East Coast ski community. Now celebrating 16 years in business, the brand has become a pillar of the winter sports community through its iconic merchandise, media, and events. To learn more, visit our company website here:

Why Carry Ski The East?

• Apparel and accessories that add to the local offerings and culture of stores. East Coast skiers have a camaraderie and pride that's unlike anywhere else. They show pride for their region and rep their roots by purchasing Ski The East products.

• Ski The East is brand that needs no explanation to the customer. It's both a slogan and a trademarked name that's a point of pride among ALL Eastern skiers, regardless of age or ability. Every single two planker that walks through your doors is someone who can relate to the brand.

• In business since 2005 and distributed through dealers for the past 16 years, the merchandise is now available in over 100 stores region-wide. To see a list of the current brick and mortar backers of the brand, go here:

• Wholesale sales volume has grown on average 50% per year, 16 years in a row.

• Minimum buys are low ($1,000) to make testing easy for new dealers.

• No payment due until 30-90 days after receipt of shipment.

• The brand offers fun, mid-to-low price point items that are extremely giftable, fill a niche, and move especially fast in November/ December.

Ski The East 22/23 Collection